Pre authorization

Pre authorization is an important element of medical billing and revenue cycle management. Confirming coverage and obtaining authorization from insurance agency is tedious and resource consuming. In recent years demand for pre authorization has increased considerably, and this is where an outsourced company providing you with the mentioned services comes into play. The best option is to get the task handled by experts, and we are the ones whom you should align too.  Our pre authorization team is as an extension to doctors office at all times.  


Why Insurance Verification Specialists to undertake your Pre Authorization Services? 

Our group of verification experts handle pre authorization demands for your patients' quickly and effectively. Our professional team has broad skill in checking medical coverage for all types of insurance plans and has experience in approving up to 5000 claims per day. They finish all benefit verifications before the office visit and follow-up with payers after the initial submission, till the authorization is acquired. We handle an assortments of claims ranging from Worker's Compensation insurance, Liability, or Personal Injury Protection and much more.  

We are outsourced company and no client is big or small for us. We have an amazing reputation of handling practices of all sizes. Our pre authorization services are available throughout US.

Our services provide the clients with the following benefits: 

  • Complete assessment of patient benefits and authorization perquisites by an accomplished group of experts  
  • Weekly and monthly status reports  
  • Standard QA checking with readily accessible reports for the clients  
  • Lowering your operational costs by 30% to 40%  
  • Adherence to all HIPAA rules 
  • Customized TAT 


Enjoy following benefits and advantages, while we work on your insurance verification and eligibility authorization:

  • Speedy Approval and authorization on claims  
  • Streamlined work process  
  • Reduced risk  
  • Lesser number of denied claims  
  • Faster billing cycles  
  • Minimal Delays  
  • Enhanced payment and collections  
  • Let’s your staff work on more productive things 


Why choose us? 

Amazing Insurance Authorization Service 

Insurance Verification Specialists diminishes insurance providers overhead by mitigating tedious administrative burden of acquiring prior authorizations for patients. Information fields for online request forms are pre-populated with your insurance data to save your time. We likewise reduce need of paperwork by maintaining authorization approvals online.

You get an assigned on-demand specialist 

 An On-Demand Specialist is appointed to work on authorization requests, facilitate all needs with insurance agencies, finish follow-up and send results back to the provider. Our success rate in getting authorization approval is more than 95%.