About Us

Insurance Verification Specialist has more than a decade of experience in providing medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals with Healthcare Information Management services in the form of insurance verification, eligibility authorization, prior authorization and medical transcriptions services.  We have expertise to provide reliable and efficient services to healthcare practitioners via our digitized and automated products and services that streamlines workflow, to reduce claims filing errors and faster revenue cycle for doctor’s practice.

Our Vision 

Provide seamless backend services to healthcare professionals by offering, viable insurance verification, eligibility authorization, prior authorization and transcription services, which would lower operational costs and help faster reimbursements.  

Our Mission:

  • To offer healthcare professionals best-quality innovative, integrated solutions.
  • To build long-term, value-adding relationships with our clients based on requirements for their practice.
  • To build long-term relationships with our business partners, ensuring that, together, we best meet the needs of client and goals of our businesses.
  • To build and retain a skilled, sustainable and effective team of qualified people who are committed to follow vision and mission. 

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