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    As a professional doctor, one of the most important things
    that you are concerned about is patient care and consideration.

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Welcome to Insurance Verification Specialist

As a professional doctor, one of the most important things that you are concerned about is patient care and consideration. However, financial side of medical business also needs a firm back up, wherein revenue leakages should be tapped. Hence, before a physician provides patient care, it is vital to check insurance status of patient,  it determines how you get paid. Majority of  medical professionals might not have enough time to supervise Insurance Verification or staff working at doctor’s office may not be skilled enough to complete Eligibility and Pre-Authorization tasks productively. This often leads to a circumstance where you don’t receive due reimbursement for services provided.  

In today’s highly intensive business world, many physicians and hospitals are outsourcing their critical services such as insurance verification, eligibility authorization, medical billing, Transcription Servicess to business entities who are experienced enough to elevate their revenue cycle, and lower operational costs.  Insurance Verification approval is primary and most important process which further helps the billing process. Insurance verification, eligibility authorization guarantees elements such as: Insurance plan type, effective dt, termination dt, in network/out of network, coverage benefits, referral valid dates, authorization/referrals, co-pay, deductibles, co-insurance, out of pocket expenses, expenses met, payor representative name, call reference no, date verified and much more.

Today, most of the outpatient facilities, solitary clinics and even hospitals are reaping benefits of outsourced insurance verification and Eligibility Authorization Services as they feel it leverages their in-house staff and minimizes delayed reimbursement claims. Outsourcing these services to Insurance Verification Specialists permits healthcare professionals to concentrate on their core business activities and provide patients with quality healthcare. 

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