• Electronic Referral System

    You can request an electronic referral in real-time for any plan that requires a referral. If you as a doctor are a part of an Independent  Read More..

  • Insurance Verification | Eligibility Authorization

    Insurance verification and Eligibility Authorization process is the most critical and the initial phase in the medical billing and income cycle. According to industry experts, most of the claims are  Read More..

  • Accounts Receivable and Denial Management

    Our team of professionals not only help you in lessening the AR days and denied claims, but we also offer round the clock customer help desk service with Tele-callers for your service.  Read More..

  • Timely Claims Submission

    Timely Claims submission is of the most vital requirements of a hospital or clinic as it is an important element of getting faster reimbursements. A vital issue Physicians and Hospitals face alike is the submission period, which, if missed can lead to denied and delayed claims.  Read More..

  • Pre authorization

    Insurance verification and prior authorizations are among the most difficult undertakings in the medical billing and income cycle management. Confirming the coverage and obtaining authorization from the insurance agency is tedious and resource consuming.  Read More..

  • Specialties and Litigation

    Choose us as your Insurance verification partner, you get the following benefits to resolve Specialties litigation in claims  Read More..